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Council Services

With a population over 32,000 Lichfield City Council is one of the largest 'parish' councils in England. We provide a wide range of social and recreational facilities, and promote the interests of the city in our dealings with other bodies. We work in partnership with the larger Lichfield District Council and Staffordshire County Council to provide and supplement local government services within the city.

The Council has 28 members who are elected every four years. The Mayor is the civic head of the Council and chairs Council meetings. The Deputy Mayor undertakes the Mayor's duties in the absence of the Mayor. The Council also appoints a Leader of Council to be the main person responsible for leadership of the Council's political and policy matters. The Council is also one of only 15 towns and cities in England and Wales which appoints a Sheriff.

The Town Clerk is the chief paid officer of the Council, responsible for implementation of the Council's decisions, administration of the Council's affairs, and advising the Council on matters of law, procedure and policy.

The full Council meets about nine times a year. There is one main Committee, the Planning Applications Committee, which comprises all members of Council and meets every three weeks. Various 'working parties' are established from time to time to deal with specific issues.
Council and Committee meetings are open to the public. They usually begin at 6.30pm and are held in the Guildhall, Bore Street, Lichfield.

Clock Tower
Clock Tower

Open Spaces
We maintain some 65 acres of public open space, including the Festival Gardens, Pool Walk, Remembrance Gardens, and the 'closed' churchyards at St Michael's and St Chad's churches. Included within these areas are three listed buildings: the Friary clock tower, the Borrowcop Gazebo, and Chancellor Law's mausoleum.

Two of the open space areas are scheduled ancient monuments: these being the Friary remains site and Prince Rupert's Mound.

We look after some 6,250 metres of footpaths, including the lighting on these paths (these are footpath links through estates, not the pavements at the side of the road). We are responsible for all the bus shelters in the city (except in the bus station) and for various public seats.

We also cut the highway verges in the city on behalf of Staffordshire County Council

All these areas are supervised by our Open Spaces Officer, Heather Francis

We own 14 acres of allotments. Sites are at Cherry Orchard, Netherstowe, The Moggs, Christchurch, Dovehouse Fields, Beacon Street. The allotments are leased en bloc to the Lichfield and District Allotments and Home Gardens Society who let out the individual plots.

For information on allotments contact the Allotments Society Chairman, Mr. Pat Barden. Tel 01543 255306 or visit their website.

Main Hall Guildhall

Johnson Birthplace
Johnson Birthplace

Farmers Market
Farmers Market

The Guildhall is used as the meeting place for the City Council - a role it has performed since 1387. In addition the building is let out to the general public, to local organisations, and for commercial sales, etc.

History of the Guildhall

Johnson Birthplace Museum
This is a Grade I* Listed Building of immense historic importance. It houses a museum dedicated to the memory of Samuel Johnson. There is a second-hand bookshop on the ground floor. The building is held under a registered Charitable Trust of which the City Council is the sole trustee.

The museum houses a large range of Johnsoniana and a very comprehensive library of works by, and about, Johnson and his age.

Johnson Birthplace website

Market and Market Square
The Market Square and Market rights are owned by the City Council. There is a general Market every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. A Farmers' Market operates on the first Thursday of the month (except January) and there is an Antiques Market on the third Thursday of the month.

More details on the Markets and Market Square

Community Halls
The Boley Park Community Hall is owned by the City Council but leased to a local management committee.

Curborough Community Centre
Curborough Community Centre

The Curborough Community Centre was built by the City Council in 1994, and is leased to the Curborough Community Association.

Cruck House is a 16th century cottage (Grade II Listed Building) in Stowe Street which is owned by the City Council and used as a public meeting room. It is also leased to the Curborough Community Association.

We make financial grants to various local organisations to assist their work. The value of these grants totals over £45,000 per annum.

In 1992 the Council signed a ring Twinning Agreement with Sainte Foy lès Lyon in France and Limburg an der Lahn in Germany. Sainte Foy is a suburb of Lyon, with about 23,000 population. Limburg is an historic city of some 34,000 inhabitants. Many social and cultural exchanges are arranged each year and we employ a part-time Twinning Officer who works closely with the Lichfield Twinning Association.

More details on Lichfield Twinning

We are consulted on all planning applications submitted in the City and submit observations to Lichfield District Council which then determines the applications.

The City Council's Planning Committee is also consulted on various other matters such as traffic regulations, licensing applications, Local Development Framework, Structure Plan, etc.

Civic Traditions
We own the ancient civic property of the City, comprising, sword and maces, charters, chains of office, silver, old records, etc. Civic Insignia The collection is of considerable value and historic importance. We also appoint the office of Sheriff, which dates back to 1553.

We maintain the unique Customs and Traditions including the Sheriff's Ride, St George's Court, Court of Arraye, Johnson Birthday celebrations, etc.

There are also several Civic Events in the year, e.g. Mayor's Sunday, Church services, etc.

Christmas Lights
We provide the Christmas illuminations in the City, with financial assistance from the Chamber of Trade and local businesses.

Representational role
In addition to all the above we play a major role in representing the voice of the City. We have made representations regarding, for example, the Local Plan and Structure Plan, rail services, postal services, parliamentary constituency boundaries.

We are currently producing a Neighbourhood Plan for the City based on employment and economic development issues.

The City Council is the only council serving the city area specifically. Its viewpoint can at times therefore be different from the District and County, and an important part of the Council's role is seeking to ensure that the needs of the City are given due prominence.

Lichfield City Council
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