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20 Questions to test your knowledge of Lichfield !
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What or who are 'The Ladies of the Vale'?

the sisters of Anna Seward
a First World War Nursing Unit
the spires of the cathedral

Who first established Christianity in Lichfield?

S. Augustine
S. Chad
S. Vitus

Who remembered when 'all the respectable people in Lichfield were drunk every night'?

Samuel Johnson
Samuel Pepys
Samuel Goldwyn

Which English king contributed to the restoration of the cathedral after the Civil War?

George II
Charles II
James II

Who walked through the streets of the city in 1651 shouting 'Woe to the bloody city of Lichfield!'?

Edward Fox
Charles James Fox
George Fox

To whom did Johnson describe Lichfield as 'a city of philosophers'?

James Boswell
Oliver Goldsmith
James Joyce

Of which ship was Edward John Smith - whose statue stands in the Museum Gardens - captain?

Mary Rose

Apart from Samuel Johnson, whose statue stands in Market Place?

David Lloyd George
James Boswell
David Garrick

Does 'Salve magna parens', the city's motto, mean:

Hail great mother
Strength through technology
In God we trust?

What or who is Lectocetum?

The Roman conqueror of Mercia
The bishop's chair in the cathedral
The Roman site outside the city

Which one of the following didn't attend Lichfield Grammar School?

David Garrick
Henry Fielding
Elias Ashmole

What sort of friars lived in the Lichfield Friary?


What relation was Erasmus Darwin to Charles Darwin, the author of Origin of Species?

No relation

Who was 'the Swan of Lichfield'?

John Keats
Anna Seward
Samuel Johnson

In which of Lichfield's churches are Samuel Johnson's family buried?

S. Michael's
S. Bede's
the Cathedral

Erasmus Darwin was a central figure in which society?

The Industrial Society
The Permissive Society
The Lunar Society

Which Lichfeldian's collection is the basis of an Oxford museum?

Erasmus Darwin
W.G. Grace
Elias Ashmole

What was brought to the Cathedral in 1803 by Sir Brooke Boothby?

the Herkenrode stained glass windows
the S. Chad's illuminated gospels
the statue of Charles II

Which major British artist designed a stained glass window for St. John's Hospital in 1984?

John Piper
David Hockney

Which one of the following never lived in Lichfield?

Philip Larkin
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Joseph Addison

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