About the Council

With a population over 32,000 Lichfield City Council is one of the largest 'parish' councils in England. We provide a wide range of social and recreational facilities, and promote the interests of the city in our dealings with other bodies. We work in partnership with the larger Lichfield District Council and Staffordshire County Council to provide and supplement local government services within the city.

The Council has 28 members who are elected every four years. The Mayor is the civic head of the Council and chairs Council meetings. The Deputy Mayor undertakes the Mayor's duties in the absence of the Mayor. The Council also appoints a Leader of Council to be the main person responsible for leadership of the Council's political and policy matters. The Council is also one of only 15 towns and cities in England and Wales which appoints a Sheriff.

The Town Clerk is the chief paid officer of the Council, responsible for implementation of the Council's decisions, administration of the Council's affairs, and advising the Council on matters of law, procedure and policy.

The full Council meets about nine times a year. The Council has several Committees and Working Groups, each dedicated to a particular function of the council, such as oversight of the Johnson Birthplace Museum, Markets and Audit.  The City Council is a statutory consultee on all planning applications within the City; the Planning Applications Committee, which comprises all members of the council, considers these applications and submits comments and feedback to the Local Planning Authority (Lichfield District Council) to assist in their decision making process.

Council and Committee meetings are open to the public. They usually begin at 6.30pm and are held in the Guildhall, Bore Street, Lichfield.


Council building