Terms & Conditions of Hire

The Guildhall, Lichfield: Conditions of Hire

Your signature on the booking form is acceptance of the following terms and conditions of hire

  1. All hire charges must be paid in full at least one week in advance of the booking,
    Failure to make payments by the due date will result in cancellation of the booking forthwith.
  2. Confirmed bookings, which are subsequently cancelled by the hirer, will be subject to the following cancellation charges:
    (a) less than 14 days notice: £15, or 25% of hire charge, whichever is greater.
    (b) less than 7 days notice: full hire charge of booking.
  3. The Council reserves the right to refuse any application, and in exceptional circumstances, to cancel any booking at any time, in which event only the fees paid will be refunded.
  4. Access to the rooms (including the kitchen) hired is permitted up to 30 minutes prior to, and one hour after, the hire period booked if so requested. This time is for setting up and clearing away only, not for the function itself. Additional access time before or after the function is chargeable. Bookings for Guildroom or Guildhall on Fridays and Saturdays daytime is subject to a minimum booking charge of 4 hours use.
  5. In accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisement) Regulations 1969, fly-posting of functions to be held on the premises is not permitted. Advertisements, posters, placards are not to be displayed on any part of the building without the express consent of the Council. Failure to observe this condition will result in the immediate cancellation of the booking.
  6. The hirer shall pay for all damage that may be done or occasioned to the premises, or to the fixtures, furniture, articles and things belonging to the Council therein, during their occupation (such damage to be assessed by the Town Clerk whose decision thereon shall be final) and shall leave the premises and the fixtures, furniture, articles and things therein in as clean and good order and condition as they were at the time of entry.
  7. The Council will not in any circumstances be responsible for any damage, injury to, or loss of goods or property brought to the premises for exhibition, sale or other purpose, or for goods or property left by the hirer or persons attending any meeting or function therein, or for damage or injury to the person of the hirer or any persons being in or about the premises whilst in the use of the hirer, and the hirer shall and by acceptance of these conditions thereby does indemnify the Council against any claims which may be made upon them in respect thereof.
  8. A programme of all music played together with box office receipts and number attending the event must be completed on the proper PRS form and returned to the City Council immediately after each event.
  9. Metallic or flower petal confetti (which may stain the oak floor) must not be used in the building or in the close vicinity. However paper confetti may be thrown.
  10. The maximum number of persons to be admitted to the Guildhall (Main Hall) shall be:
    a) Dancing (ie. no tables or chairs) 200
    b) Functions where tables and chairs are set out 160*
    c) Functions where round tables and chairs are to be used 88
    d) Auditorium style (no tables) 195
    *Only one layout is possible for 160, for more flexible table plans a lesser number is advisable. Further details on request.
    The maximum number of persons to be admitted to the Guildroom shall be 70, and to the Ashmole Room shall be 30.
  11. All functions shall finish not later than 1.00 am except dances which are organised to take place on Saturday or for private profit, when they should cease at midnight.
  12. The front entrance to Guildhall in Bore Street is in a pedestrian zone 9am-6pm. Access for loading/unloading is prohibited 10am-4pm Friday & Saturday (access for loading/unloading only is permitted at other times). Be aware that if no activity is seen by a warden for 5 minutes a parking ticket may be issued. Generally only 20 minutes is allowed for loading/unloading.
  13. Parking is not permitted in the rear courtyard. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Guildhall.
  14. Please advise your caterer to wash crockery and cutlery thoroughly. Should Council staff have to re-wash items a charge will be deducted from your deposit. 
  15. The Stonynge Room is not fully accessible by wheelchair (one step at entrance).


  17. The hirer shall appoint a competent person to be in charge throughout the whole time that the premises are open to the public and shall be assisted by a sufficient staff of competent attendants who shall be specially instructed as to their duties in the event of fire or panic. ANY INSTRUCTION GIVEN BY THE COUNCIL REGARDING THE SAFETY OF THE PUBLIC SHALL BE PUT INTO IMMEDIATE EFFECT.
  18. Authorised Officers of the Council, Police Officers on duty and Officers of the Fire Brigade on duty shall be admitted immediately at all reasonable times to all portions of the premises.
  19. All exits and corridors shall be kept free from obstruction, whether permanent or temporary.
  20. Temporary decorations and temporary electrical installations shall not be used without the prior written consent of the Council. Gas filled balloons, and smoke machines, are not permitted. They may interfere with the smoke alarms, in which case the building will have to be evacuated until the fire authority has attended and stated it is safe to re-enter the building.
  21. All scenery, cloths, draperies, floral decorations, properties, hangings, curtains and all fabric decoration, shall be rendered non-flammable, preferably in process of manufacture and maintained so.
  22. No inflammable substance shall be brought into the building without the Council's prior written consent.
  23. For your safety and security a CCTV system operates in the Guildhall. The CCTV cameras may be disabled for rooms hired by you if you submit a prior written request to the Council, stating your reasons.