Grants Applications

The City Council invites applications for grants to be funded from the City Council's budget each year. The closing date for applications from Clubs, societies and other voluntary groups in the City of Lichfield  to apply for a grant from the 2023/24 budget  was 6 January 2023. However, funds can be made available throughout the year for deserving causes, and applications direct to Council will be accepted.

To be eligible, organisations applying MUST operate for the benefit of people within the boundary of the City of Lichfield. The City Council has an adopted Grant Award Policy; applicants are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the detail of this policy prior to completing the Grant Application form

Organisations helped in the past have included youth groups, sports clubs, arts groups, charitable bodies, and various other societies and event organisers, with grants varying from £50 to more than £5,000. 

If you require further information please contact the City Council on 01543 250011 or