Minster Pool Walk

Inspired by a visit in 1772 to The Serpentine in London’s Hyde Park, the Poet Anna Seward was instrumental in landscaping Minster Pool to give it its curving snake-like shape and in developing New Walk, later renamed Minster Pool Walk.

Minster Pool Walk offers visitors stunning views across the Pool to the Remembrance Gardens and towards Lichfield Cathedral. A row of mature Lime trees gives this open space a sense of grandeur and leads the eye across the pool towards the Cathedral, while two mature Yew trees grow side by side adjacent to the path.

Minster Pool walk by day
Speakers’ Corner Lichfield, located on the Dam Street area of Minster Pool Walk, was launched in 2009 and has been the site of lively debate, celebrations and performances ever since.

For many years, coloured lights were installed along Pool Walk as part of the City Council's Christmas Lights provision for the City.  Following public requests in December 2015, the lights along Pool Walk were left in situ after the Christmas period, enhancing the wonderful evening atmosphere all year round.  The bulbs were replaced with low energy long-life LED's in 2016 and are operated by a light sensor and timer. 

An extremely popular and relaxing part of the City, Minster Pool Walk offers a welcome retreat for all, with benches placed at regular intervals enabling visitors to take a little time to enjoy the tranquility. If you have not yet fed the ducks on Minster Pool then be sure to add it to your list when next visiting Lichfield.

Minster Pool walk by night