World Champion Ken - Shouts for Lichfield

Published: 29 September 2015

Ken Knowles

Ken Knowles, Lichfield's Town Crier and a well-known figure around Lichfield; last week won the Central Otago World Invitational Town Crier Competition in New Zealand. After 3 days of competing, and winning 3 out of 3 rounds, Lichfield's very own champion town crier will return in glory with 3 gold medals and the trophy. Ken, a regular competitor around the country and with many prizes already under his belt, last year visited Bermuda for the World Championship and this year scoops the prize, Ken, who funds all the competitive work himself, is delighted with his new accolade. He and his consort Marilyn have had a wonderful time; whilst in Otago, he met the district Mayor and presented formal greetings from the Mayor and Citizens of Lichfield, the be-costumed couple also visited a local primary school and addressed an outdoor assembly. Ken will next be seen in his official capacity as he hosts the Lichfield City Christmas Lights switch-on, on Sunday, 29th November.






Ken presents Mayor of Otago District with City Crest