New Mayor and Sheriff

Published: 20 May 2015

The Civic TeamCivic guests and dignitaries gathered at the Guildhall on 18 May for Lichfield City Council's annual meeting, at which the new Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Sheriff were elected for the ensuing year.

The new Mayor is Andrew Smith who represents the Leomansley ward and has been a City and District councillor for the past four years. His wife, Sallyanne will be the Mayoress. Andy has lived all his life in Lichfield and runs a Lichfield-based Software Consultancy Business. At 42 he is believed to be the youngest Mayor of the City since John Brooks (who is still a serving city councillor) was Mayor in 1974.

The Deputy Mayor is Sheelagh James, who represents St John's ward and has been a City councillor for 4 years.

The new Sheriff is a non-councillor, Mike Sheldon, who is well known in the city through his jewellery business in Bird Street. His wife, Stevie, will be the Sheriff's Lady. They have both pledged to ride round the city boundary for the Sheriff's Ride in September.

The evening concluded with the Mayor's Banquet, at which the Reverend Ian Hayter gave the traditional toast to "Church and State, Weal and Worship".

The Mayor and Sheriff will be fundraising for McMillan Cancer Research and Lichfield First Responders during their year in office.