Seasonal Greetings from the Mayor and Sheriff of Lichfield

Published: 04 December 2012

This has been a very exciting year of special events for Lichfield. We had the honour of joining in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and the excitement of the Olympic Torch passing through the City. And the huge crowd gathered on the Market Square for the switch on of the Lights was a timely reminder that we are nearing the most special event of all, as we start Lichfield's Christmas celebrations.

We can celebrate Christmas in material ways, through giving and receiving presents, but we also need to look deeper - to share the love of our family and friends, the support of our local community, and to widen our horizons to those here and abroad who need not just our good wishes, but our practical help and support too.

Throughout the year we have met many wonderful people: the inspiring members of the Alzheimer's Society 'Singing for the Brain Group' - volunteers and professionals coming together to reach the closed recesses of sufferers' minds and unlock the forgotten ability to sing. Saxon Hill 9th Lichfield Scout Group - young people overcoming their disabilities to take part in scouting activities and enjoy life to the full. This was truly an inspiration for personal achievement.

We wish everyone the peace and happiness of the season, and a happy and caring New Year.

Mayor of Lichfield Sheriff of Lichfield Councillor Mrs Janet Eagland Councillor Brian Bacon

Janet and Brian