Published: 22 October 2012

Clubs, societies and voluntary groups in the City of Lichfield are invited to apply to the City Council for a grant from the Council's 2013/2014 budget. Grant forms are available by email at:, from the City Council Office, 53 Wade Street, Lichfield, WS13 6HL (telephone 01543 309858), and on the Council's website at Completed forms must be returned by 11 January 2013.

To be eligible, organisations applying MUST operate for the benefit of people within the boundary of the City of Lichfield.

Each year the Council makes available a sum in its budget to be given out to local voluntary organisations to assist in their work. Organisations helped in the past have included youth groups, sports clubs, arts groups, charitable bodies, and various other societies and event organisers. Over 50 different groups have received funding in the current year, with grants ranging from £50 to £4,100. Grants of over £28,000 were awarded.

"We are particularly fortunate in Lichfield to have such a wide variety of local groups" said the Council Leader, Terry Finn. "These voluntary groups play a major role in our community, catering for the needs and interests of our citizens."

Grants provided by the Council can support an organisation's general funding, or provide help with some special project. The Council is particularly keen to receive applications from organisations which have not previously applied.