Re-creation of Jubilee Banner

Published: 30 May 2012

Guildhall and Banner in 1897 and 2012
Guildhall and Banner in 1897 and 2012


As part of the celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee, Lichfield City Council will be placing a banner across the front of the Guildhall, to re-create the banner placed there for the last diamond jubilee - that of Queen Victoria in 1897.


"The banner appears in a famous old photograph of the Guildhall", said Peter Young, Town Clerk. "Surprisingly little has changed over the last 115 years, although the ground floor window was replaced by a door when the Guildhall became the fire-station, and that door still remains even though it is no longer used."


The 1897 banner was lit by gas lamps, with a gas pipe running from the lamp standard (bottom right in the photograph). Gas lit arches were also erected at various points around the city, provided by the Lichfield Gas Company. As the event took place on 22 June 1897 - just about the longest day of the year - how effective the gas lights were is questionable. However the City celebrated in style with a free concert, free tea for school children, and a Grand Military tattoo "preceded by bearers of torches" - something which fittingly heralds the Olympic Torch procession that will pass through the city on 30 June this year.

A free Jubilee concert will be provided this year too. The "Diamond Youth Concert" takes place in the Guildhall on Tuesday, 5 June from 7pm, featuring the Garrick Rep School of Acting, The Lichfield Garrick Youth Choir, Performing Arts Students, Garrick Youth Theatre, and Wildfire Folk. Entrance is free and seating unreserved for what promises to be a sparkling night of music and performance.


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