Published: 03 December 2011

Commenting on the announcement today (Saturday 3rd December) that the Department of Transport is rethinking the environmental impact of HS2, Michael Fabricant comments: "I am delighted that the new Transport Secretary has decided to rethink the environmental impact HS2 will have on the countryside. I know that, among other measures, extra tunnelling is being considered as the line passes through the Chilterns. But the Chief Engineer of HS2, along with the former Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond, explained to me that tunnelling is not an option in our part of Staffordshire as it lies on a flood plain.

"I am therefore renewing my calls to the Transport Secretary that she reconsider the entire route of the line to follow existing transport corridors. This would minimise the impact on the national environment as well as ensuring that HS2 does not travel through unblemished countryside in Staffordshire or elsewhere in the midlands." See, also, News Release of 11th November 2011