Published: 03 December 2010

David Cross celebrating 40 years of trading
David Cross celebrating 40 years of trading in 2008 with a bottle of Champagne presented by Chairman of the market traders' liaison committee, Cllr Barry Diggle.

David Cross, a popular Lichfield market trader, has decided to retire after trading for 42 years selling men's clothing from the same Friday Market patch on Market Square.

"I started in August 1968 and my dad was already here. He was a market trader from 1951 until he retired in 1982, when he was 65. I could never have worked for anyone else - this way you either stand or fall on your own efforts".

"In these difficult economic times, there are huge benefits for Lichfield to offer independent small trading, and not just the usual high street shops you see everywhere, it is the way forward for a city".

"We like to offer a personal service and repartee, the vast majority of people I sell to are people that come on a regular basis. There's a lot of banter on the market and I've enjoyed meeting so many people. Many things have changed over the years but Lichfield has always been a good place to trade and is a delightful place to come, there are a lot of delightful people here" says David with a reminiscent look in his eye.

In August 2008 David celebrated 40 years of trading on the Friday Market and was presented with a bottle of top-notch Champagne from the Chairman of the market traders' liaison committee, Councillor Barry Diggle who said "The city council very much appreciates traders like David Cross who, over so many years, has helped to keep the Lichfield markets a vibrant and attractive local amenity".

The last day of trading for David Cross will be on Friday 17 December so customers, old and new, please come along and say your farewells before he packs up his stock for the last time, he will be delighted to see you.

Lichfield markets run from 9am - 4pm on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and an established and popular Farmers' market runs on the first Thursday of the month from 9am - 3pm. There will be an extra Farmers' Market for Christmas on Thursday 16 December and General Markets before Christmas on Tuesday 21st, Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th December.