Published: 22 February 2010

Darwin Hall under construction
Darwin Hall under construction

Lichfield City Council is seeking help from local residents to be involved in the running of a new community on the city's Darwin Park estate.

The new hall, called the Darwin Hall, is currently being built, and will be available for public use from April this year. The intention is that the hall, once completed, will be leased rent-free to a local 'management committee' who will be responsible for its day to day running.

Peter Young, Town Clerk, said, "The Council already owns other community halls in the city which are run very successfully by local residents, and we want similar arrangements to operate for the new Darwin Hall. Our experience is that the best people to run a local hall are the local residents themselves, but the Council will be there to support them, particularly in getting the new management arrangements up and running."

Local management will be provided through a new charitable company set up specifically for purpose, with a 'board of directors' comprising of local residents, hall users and local councillors. They will arrange matters such as the bookings of the hall, routine maintenance, and set hire charges etc.

The new hall has a main hall which will seat upto 120 people, as well as a small meeting room, and a kitchen area. It incorporates many environmental features, including a ground source heat pump collecting heat form 100 metres underground to provide significant energy savings on future heating costs.

"Several people have already indicated that they want to be involved in running the hall, and we already have people expressing an interest in hiring the hall too," said Peter Young. Any person who is interested is asked to contact the City Council on 01543 250011, or email

The official opening of the Hall will take place in June.