UPDATED 14 MAY 2020: Coronavirus Public Health Information and Cancelled Events

Published: 18 March 2020

For the latest information on the current Coronavirus outbreak, please go to the Coronavirus Public Health Information page of Lichfield District Council's website.

In light of recent announcements the City Council and/or its partners have cancelled a number of upcoming events, details will appear here and will be updated as the situation unfolds.

Necessary day to day decisions are being taken by the Town Clerk in consultation with the Leader of the Council, minority Group Leaders and Committee Chairmen as appropriate. Recent legislative change allowed City Council and Committee meetings to be held remotely; the first remote meeting of the City Council will take place on 11 May 2020.

The Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum closed to the public from 4.30pm on Wednesday 18 March until further notice.

Following the Prime Minister's announcement on 23 March, the Guildhall and other community buildings closed until further notice.

City Council staff have been predominantly working remotely from 24 March and until further notice. This impacts on the availability of staff to take telephone calls made to the office. Members of the public are therefore asked to contact the council by email or Twitter wherever possible.  Further contact details have been added to the signage outside the City Council's offices at Donegal House.

Cancelled Events (updated 21 April 2020):

Meeting and Reception for Easter Sunday Service (12 April)

April Council (20 April) 

St George's Court (23 April) 

Sheriff's St George's Day Bonfire (25 April) 

Annual Council (11 May) To be replaced by a 'virtual' City Council meeting via 'Zoom'

Annual Town Meeting (20 May) 

Bower Sunday Service (24 May)

Court of Arraye (25 May)

Bower Procession (25 May) 

Swinfen Broun Bowls Match (24 June)

Town Criers' Competition (4 July)

Mayoress at Home (25 July) 

Sheriff's Ride (5 September) - The usual Ride will not take place, though the tradition of the perambulation of the City by the Sheriff will be undertaken in accordance with Queen Mary's Charter