Published: 08 August 2008

Christmas Market stalls on Neumarkt, Limburg 2007
Christmas Market stalls on Neumarkt, Limburg 2007

An exciting opportunity exists for a trader from Lichfield or nearby to trade for a week on a real German Christmas market in Lichfield's twin town of Limburg an der Lahn, from Saturday 29 November until the evening of Friday 5 December. The invitation comes from Limburg's Twinning Association, who are renting the wooden hut, equipped with heating and lighting, for which a contribution of ?100 - ?150 from the trader towards its rental is required. Self catering accommodation for two is provided free of charge in a small house in Limburg. Don't worry if you can't speak German - help will be available from Twinning Association members.

Limburg's Christmas market runs for 4 weeks from Saturday 29 November, opening at 10.00 am and closing at 8.00 pm every day. Over the 2nd week, a trader from Belgium will be selling Belgian chocolates, and over the 3rd and 4th weeks, a wine merchant from France will be selling Beaujolais wine. This wine seller came in 2007, and now returns in 2008! Together with Lichfield, these traders represent Limburg's three twin towns.

Limburg is a favourite destination for tourists with its impressive cathedral and Old Town, full of very attractive and quaint mediaeval half-timbered houses. It's also easily accessible between Cologne and Frankfurt on the A3 motorway. The Christmas market is located in the city centre, partly in the Old Town, and is organised by the town Council.

Traders on these German markets traditionally sell Christmas gifts and decorations - crafts, candles, glass, wood and ceramic items, jewellery, and children's toys, often made from wood. In addition, there are the catering vendors, selling Gl?hwein, German sausage, and Christmas biscuits and sweets. Ideally the Lichfield trader will sell small-ish items, priced between ?3 and ?10, which are typically English and which would make suitable Christmas gifts.

The trader representing Lichfield will be responsible for transport and for checking all regulations regarding trading abroad.

The Limburg organisers' deadline for acceptance is mid-October, so for further details, please contact Julie Dewhurst, the City Council Twinning Officer, on tel: 01543 309851 or email: