Published: 10 July 2008

Queen's Croft School exhibition

On Wednesday, 9 July the Sheriff, Councillor Mrs Norma Bacon, warmly welcomed students and staff of Queen's Croft School to the Guildhall, where she officially opened an Exhibition of their work.

The students had mounted an exhibition of their digitally produced and printed works of art. The exhibition was all the more impressive as the artists aged between 16 to 18, are learners with moderate to severe learning difficulties. They had been learning about using simple graphics programmes on the computer during lessons and for some, the ability to click & drag a shape onto the screen has been a major achievement.

Yvonne Edwards, Head of Post 16, from the school explained that, "All the learners produced some work and it was as I was sharing their achievements with other staff, that the idea to share the student's work with others became the nub of what is now become a public exhibition".

The Sheriff, who is a Governor at the school, was delighted to be asked to open the exhibition, and said, "It is a great honour for me to have been invited here today, the students who have presented their work are to be congratulated, and this is a real achievement". The Sheriff went on to thank the teachers and staff present for all their obvious dedication and support for the students.