Mayor & Sheriff's Christmas Message

Published: 14 December 2021

Mayor and Sheriff’s Christmas message

It is an honour to represent our wonderful city as Mayor and Sheriff. As we come to terms with the last couple of years, it is with optimism that we look forward to a brighter future.

Christmas is a time to reflect on our lives, and it is truly heart-warming to see the help and support given to the most vulnerable members of our community during those dark times and shows the wonderful spirit of compassion and concern for our neighbours and community, that is within us.

Lichfield is a city of tradition, and as Mayor and Sheriff we are incredibly honoured to be a part of the traditions that make our city so special and unique.

In September we held a scaled down annual Sheriff’s Ride, an event that is unique to Lichfield and is a splendid celebration of the City’s heritage and history. Dr Johnson’s 312th birthday celebrations also took place in September, and it was wonderful to be part of the Christmas lights switch on. Although the Bower did not take place this year, we look forward to this and St. George’s Court returning next year.

These are part of our heritage, and we will strive to ensure the customs and traditions that makes Lichfield so special, continue.

Our thoughts are with all of our citizens at Christmas, and we reach out with warm wishes and Christmas greetings to our twin towns of Limburg an der Lahn, Germany and Sainte Foy-lès-Lyon, France.

We would like to thank the people who work hard to put on events in our city, which are enjoyed by ourselves and large numbers of our citizens from Lichfield, and further afield.

The kindness, dedication and compassion shown by the many organisations, voluntary groups and individuals who are such a key part of Lichfield never ceases to warm our hearts and make us so proud to represent the City of Lichfield.

Our charity fundraising events during our time as Mayor and Sheriff (‘We Love Lichfield’ and ‘Friends 2 Friends’), along with civic functions have been superbly supported by so many of you and our local businesses.

Finally, we take great pleasure in wishing everyone in our wonderful City of Lichfield a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

Cllr Robert Yardley – Mayor of Lichfield

Mr Peter Hitchman – Sheriff of Lichfield