Mayor and Sheriff's Christmas Message

Published: 05 December 2022

Mayor and Sheriff’s Christmas message

Merry Christmas to you all. It is truly a privilege for us to be Mayor and Sheriff of Lichfield. A city built on its traditions, such as the Greenhill Bower, the Dr Johnson’s Birthday celebrations, its rich history preserved through its listed buildings, the Guildhall, Donegal House, Dr Johnson’s Birthplace, the Cathedral and many others. These provide the backdrop to our varied and vibrant City life.

A City of festivals, there is rarely a weekend goes by where you cannot find an event to attend, however diverse. These are organised by the multitude of wonderful organisations and they thrive here. If you have an interest, then we urge you to find a group to share that pleasure. Living here we fully understand why people travel in to join us and we thank you all for making that the case.

Our eyes have been opened to just how many people are doing their best to make better lives for others, selfless service with no thought for recognition. Thank you.

This year we are supporting The Sebbie Hall Kindness Foundation (enabling disabled young people to live) and The Pathway Project (supporting the victims of Domestic Violence), both excellent causes and we would like to thank everyone who organises or supports, not just our causes but the many charities that exist across our area. It is the volunteers who make Lichfield such a great place to live. If you can help, please do. If you need help, please ask. Whoever you are. We hope that whatever challenges you are facing you can have a Happy New Year and the fellowship of those around you.

Cllr Jamie Checkland – Mayor of Lichfield

Cllr Janice Greaves – Sheriff of Lichfield