Sheriff's Ride - 9 September 2023

Published: 12 September 2023

Sheriff’s Ride Saturday 9 September 2023

On Saturday 9 September, the Sheriff of Lichfield, Adam Burns-Mace, took part in the annual tradition that is the Sheriff’s Ride. Last year’s ride was sadly cancelled due to the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Led by the Clerk of the Course, Nick Sedgwick, the Sheriff and Sheriff’s Consort, Anthea Maou, were applauded as they left the Guildhall at 10:30am in a spectacular horse drawn carriage.

After alighting from the carriage at the Pinfold, the Sheriff and Sheriff’s Consort continued their journey with the Clerk of the Course by car. The remainder of the event, being organised by an independent sub-committee of the Shrievalty Association, went on to complete a reduced ride starting at Freeford Manor, via Maple Hayes and back into the city accompanied by several horse riders & cyclists.

They were led by the Sword and Mace Bearers back into the city via The Close, where they were welcomed at the Cathedral by the Interim Dean, the Rt Revd Jan McFarlane, to toast the ride with a glass of sherry. The ride then continued via Dam Street and Market Street to the Guildhall, where the Sheriff received over 90 guests for the Sheriff’s Banquet.

The Sheriff’s Ride is a tradition dating from 1553 when Queen Mary’s Charter separated Lichfield from Staffordshire, making Lichfield ‘a City and a County’ with the right to appoint its own Sheriff. The Charter commanded the Sheriff to make a perambulation to inspect and enforce the city boundary each year. This year marks the 470th Sheriff’s Ride.

The Sheriff said ‘‘I am honoured to have taken part in the historic tradition that is the Sheriff’s Ride. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day that I will never forget. I would particularly like to thank the Clerk of the Course and Lichfield Shrievalty Association together with the landowners who made this day so very special. The Sheriff’s Ride is one of the most historic events in Lichfield. Long may it continue!”.

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